Please help save 100 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, due to be auctioned on November 22, 2014.

Cav Puppy Mill Disperal Auction

Without your help, these 100 cavaliers will be sold to other puppy mills in the area, which means a life of confinement, neglect and abuse. If they need medical care, it will not be provided. Many cavaliers develop mitral valve disease. A disease of the heart. In the later stages, this disease results in an air hunger where the dog is expending all of its energy just trying to breath. It is a horrible way to die for any creature, but if the rescue groups can buy these dogs, and find them families, then there is hope.
Please don't let any of these girls (mostly girls) be bought by the puppy mills.
Signed: R. Parent to three happy cavaliers (not affiliated with the GoFundMe group. Just a concerned doggy parent).
cavalier king charles spaniel

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